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Goddess art

The song of "Ancient Mother"

Some recommended goddess books:
Embracing the Goddess Within
The Goddess Companion
Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood
The Goddess Within
Goddess Meditations
Goddesses in Everywoman
The Women's Wheel of Life
When the Drummers Were Women
365 Goddess: A Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess
Secrets of the Ancient Goddess (fiction)
Goddess of the Mountain Harvest (fiction)

Goddess tarot and divination:
The Goddess Oracle
Daughters of the Moon Tarot
Goddess Tarot
Amulets of the Goddess
Goddess Guide Me
Motherpeace Tarot
Sacred Circle Tarot

Goddess needlework:
Goddess Needlework Charts
Goddess Embroideries of Eastern Europe
Goddess Embroideries of the Balkan Lands and the Greek Islands

Goddess music:
Goddess Chant
From the Goddess
Ancient Mother
A Circle Is Cast
Fire Within
Circle of Women

Goddess Video:
Goddess Remembered
Full Circle

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