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Holly Lisle

In a city divided into Mages (women) and Sages (men), Faia Rissedotte struggles to learn about and control her awakening magic powers.
Fire in the Mist - Book 1
Bones of the Past - Book 2
Mind of the Magic - Book 3

Gayle Greeno

Doyce Marbon and her bondmate, a telephathic cat-like creature called a ghatti, are Seekers Veritas, searching for an enemy who is murdering those with Mindspeech.
Finders-Seekers - Book 1
Mind-Speaker's Call - Book 2
Exile's Return - Book 3

Anne McCaffrey

Killashandra Ree's musical talent and affinity to crystal are abilities that bring her into the Heptite Guild of Ballybran as a Crystal Singer.
Crystal Singer - Book 1
Killashandra - Book 2
Crystal Line - Book 3

Written with Elizabeth Scarborough, the Petaybee series tells of Major Yana Maddock, sent to an arctic planet on a medical discharge.  She gradually discovers that the planet itself is sentient, and is healing her and protecting itself from those who would exploit its resources.
Powers That Be - Book 1
Power Lines - Book 2
Power Play - Book 3

Judith Tarr

Many of the books Judith Tarr has written are historical fiction.  In ancient Egypt, Queen Hatshepsut proclaims herself king in King and GoddessThrone of Isis is the story of Cleopatra and her priestess Dione, the voice of the goddess on earth.  Set in medieval times, Queen of Swords tells of Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem, and her attendant, Lady Richildis.  The Eagle's Daughter takes place at the end of the Roman Empire, and is about Princess Theophano, daughter, wife, and mother of emperors.

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