Weaving A Web of Goddess Light
Around the World

Our world is out of balance.  The divine feminine energy of the goddess has been suppressed for centuries, and in consequence the sacredness of the feminine is forgotten, women are disrespected and victimized, the world is full of violence, and the planet itself is sadly damaged.

We have formed a network dedicated to calling the goddess energy back into remembrance and into power in the world.  We encourage women to do all they can to bring the goddess light into the mass consciousness, and into their own lives, and to reach out to other women and join with them in this work.

There are many ways we can do this.  First of all our awareness of our own sacredness greatly influences everything in our lives; simply keeping that awareness forefront in our consciousness in everything we think, do, and say has tremendous power.

We can create rituals to call the goddess energy into the world.  We can do something as simple as lighting a candle every day and asking her power to come in and heal our lives and heal the world.  We can create more elaborate rituals, using chant, sacred dance, incense, crystals, any tools that are meaningful to us.  We can do these things by ourselves, or we can join together in groups to amplify the energy. 

We have formed this network as a way of joining women all over the world to call the goddess energy back into the world, to restore balance and to bring peace and healing.  We offer it as a way of sharing ideas, creating rituals together, and reminding one another to keep a commitment to this work.  As together we call more and more of the sacred feminine energy into the mass consciousness, our world will transform to the benefit of all.

The primary vehicle of this network is a mailing list, Calling The Goddess Power.  If you would like to join, please visit our page here.

Some thoughts to reflect on:
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